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Business Investments


In 2007, Bauknight Enterprises created the legacy Movement Climbing + Fitness, now part of the larger Movement gyms network. This was a ground up effort for both real estate development and operational business.  The business exceeded expectations resulting in expansion into Denver with two additional facilities. Our Board members, Anne Worley and Mike Moelter established all operating systems for the business while Bauknight Enterprises established capitalization and development consultation for each facility.

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Huck Cycles manufactures electric motorbikes in North Carolina.  In fall 2021, Bauknight Enterprises joined Huck Cycles in an Advisory role to assist with supply chain logistics, operating procedures, and financial modeling.  After surpassing these issues, mostly onset by Covid-19, we maintain a Board position and help direct the company on a weekly basis to continue our success in the electric vehicle market.


Starting in 2005, Bauknight Enterprises acted as a weekly consultant to the popular clothing brand, Mountain Khakis.  Our group coached the executive team as well as developed both a one and a three-year strategic plan. We advised on operational and strategic matters ranging from cloud ERP selection and implementation, to team scaling and management, to capital strategy and market analysis. 

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